Jan Bot is the first filmmaking bot hired by EYE Filmmuseum to bring film heritage to the algorithmic age.

Jan Bot is programmed by filmmakers Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez Palma to generate experimental videos based on two ingredients: EYE's found footage collection Bits & Pieces, and today's trending topics.

To generate a film, Jan Bot makes use of Computer Vision technology to annotate each shot of the collection with a set of tags. Then, it uses Natural Language Processing tools to select relevant footage for the trending news of the day. Finally it generates various intertitles from news snippets related to the topic, using its own custom algorithms.

At the end of a working day, Jan Bot selects its favorite film and publishes it on its social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The website of Jan Bot consists of the three sections:
> LIVE.LOG: A real-time event log providing insight into Jan Bot's workflow.
> CATA.LOG: The complete archive of all Jan Bot's work.
> META.LOG: Reflections about the life and work of Jan Bot.

For more information, questions and remarks, please drop us a line at hello@jan.bot



Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez Palma

Software Developer

Bram Loogman


Pablo Núñez Palma

Graphic Designer

Brigiet van de Berg

Production Designer

Matthijs Felix


Mirka Duijn

Production Assistant

Nina Spiering

Text Editor

Luke Shirock

EYE Filmmuseum's Team

Irene Haan Elif Rongen Mark Paul Meyer Giovanna Fossati

Guest Writers

Elif Rongen, Peter Delpeut, Brecht Declerq, Cilnt Enns, Christian Oelsen

Thanks to

Miriam van Ommeren, Michel Mercera, Remco Vlaanderen, Noël Loozen, Aaltje Kramer, Mieke Bernink, Benjamin de Wit, Geert Lovink

Jan Bot has been produced with the support of EYE Filmmuseum, Creative Industries Fund NL, and AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).
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